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“Blossom” Christmas Gift set

RM 90.00
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A unique combination of two types of teas (Peony Tea and Pu Er Tea) pairing with our Low Temperature Artisan Chocolate and Keto chocolate bars, gives a clean and refreshing sensation in your mouth. This is most suitable for getting together events, where it reminds of all the sweet old memories.

两种茶(牡丹茶和普洱茶)的独特组合搭配我们的低温工匠巧克力和生酮巧克力, 带来清新清爽的感觉。这是最适合在聚会品尝,它让人想起甜蜜的回忆。

“Blossom” Christmas Gift Set includes:

- 80% Keto Chocolate (*Sugar Free)/ 45g x 1
- 70% Artisan Chocolate (*Low Temperature Roast)/ 45g x 1

- White Peony Tea/ 20g x 1
- Pu Er Tea/ 20g x 1

*Include X'mas Gift Card for you :) Please let us know if you need assistance writing a message., Thank You.

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